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Animation Gallery


This gallery demonstrates application of mathematical software in creating animations. The examples from the course of mechanics are illustrated here.

Click on an image below to open the html file with the corresponding animation.

Symmetric Top
Asymmetric Top
Rolling Ball
Regular Precession
Used tools to make the animations
Matlab 7.5
Mathematica 6
Mathematica 6
Mathcad 14
Source code downloads
Rigid Body project
.m (329 KB zip)
Asymmetric Top Free Rotation
.nb (25 KB zip)
Ball Rolling without Slipping Inside a Vertical Cylinder
.nb (91 KB zip)
Regular Precession
.xmcd .gif (373 KB zip)
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2) 3D Scope .exe, .nb
(2.7 MB zip)
Search results for
'Rolling Ball' on the
Search results for 'Regular Precession' on the

Author: Ferat Talat oglu

Other worked examples are available on


Updated on January 30, 2014